Lost – Season Premiere

Posted on September 22, 2005


Last night we watched the Season Premiere for the second season of “LOST”, one of our favorite TV shows. In my opinion, it was a great episode. We actually got to see a little bit of what (and who) is in the hatch. I thought they might drag that out even longer. The Jack flashbacks were interesting and the ending was a total surprise.

Some of my new theories/questions:
1. What if Jack’s wife’s miraculous abilitly to use her legs is somehow related to Locke’s inability to use his?
2. Do you think that everyone on the island has met that Desmond guy before? Does Desmond control the “monster”?
3. Since it said “Quarantine” on the inside of the hatch door, does that mean that the outside of the hatch was contaminated? People were only safe from the disease that “killed them all” if they were inside the hatch?

We bought the DVD of Season One over the weekend. It has some good extras. Lost DVD

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