Why you should pay your tithing

Posted on September 26, 2005


Last week the fridge in our basement suite stopped working and we needed to get a new fridge ASAP. So we went to Costco and spent about $650 to get a new fridge (which we are now using since we gave our old fridge to the renters downstairs). Though it is nice to have a new fridge, we didn’t exactly have an extra $650 sitting around. It wasn’t an expense that we could very easily afford.

But on Friday, when I got home from work, I found a check in our mailbox. It appears that we somehow paid too much mortgage insurance premium due to a rate drop (or something like that) and we were entitled to a refund. So they sent us a check for about $690! That was a nice and unexpected little bonus in the mail. Notice how close that amount is to the amount we just had to fork out for a new fridge.

And later that night a guy called to rent out our garage. That’s an extra $75/month in our income.

And that’s why you should pay your tithing.

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