My first posting

Posted on October 1, 2005


This is my first time using this blog on our website. Mike just showed me how. Well, I’ve been sick for a while now. The last three days have been nothing but puking. I’ve gone to work for two of those days. I am so afraid that people at work can hear my throwing up from the washroom. We had a BBQ at work yesterday and I had to puke before I ate because I knew I wouldn’t keep the burger down long if I didn’t. I managed to keep that down until supper. Left over KFC. Not a good idea when you are sick. But I got a blessing from Mike that night and I haven’t thrown up since supper last night.

I feel pretty good, not great but at least I haven’t puked this morning. We’ve just been cleaning the house today so far. We are going to a matinee today to “An Unfinished Life”. Anyways, yesterday I had my second doctors appointment. I’ve lost 3 pounds since Sept 9. Not good. Well that’s all for now.

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