Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on October 9, 2005

Today we have Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Peterson’s house. I hope I don’t get sick today. It is also Mom’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom!

Well I just caught Mike’s cold he had last week. He could barely speak. Great for me because I can’t take any kind of medicine to rid me of it because I’m pregnant. I also had bad dreams last night about babies. One was that there was this pycho baby in the house who reminded me of my cat Topher. He was mean like him. Bitting and scratching me all the time. Then I had a dream about adopting and little girl but she could talk somewhat at 6 months old and she said that she was abused before she came there. She was so beatiful and I wanted to take good care of her.

Work is good. Mike didn’t get the job for Sakai Spice (frown). It sounded like an excellent job. So that sucks. My eyes are getting worse. I need to get them checked again. Well thats all for now.

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