One Red Paperclip

Posted on November 9, 2005


I found this really cool blog today. There is this guy out in Montreal that is trying to turn a paperclip into a house by gradually trading it up for bigger and better things. Every time he makes a trade he posts an entry on his blog with pictures of the new item. He started with a paperclip which he traded for a pen. After about 4 trades he now has a red generator. He says that he will keep trying to trade things until he ends up with either a house or an island.


We played this game once for a church youth activity. We had an hour to go around to members houses trying to trade for bigger and better things. The team that came back with the best thing won. It’s a fun game.

I hope this guy gets his house eventually but I think the trading will get harder once he gets to more expensive items. He’s been at it since July, so it might take a while before he finally moves into his paperclip house.

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