Who is visiting this site?

Posted on December 1, 2005


The company that hosts my website calculates statistics for me every week about the visitors that I receive. I was looking at the results from last week and it made me wonder WHO exactly is visiting this site. I will show you two of the charts that I found interesting.

The first statistic is called Unique Visitors. This is the count of how many different people visited this website each day last week (computers that access this site 2 or more times are only counted once).


As you can see, I have anywhere between 4 and 12 visitors each day. Now this isn’t very much compared to almost any other website, but I have to wonder who you people are. Not very many people leave comments on any of our posts, so I can only assume that people are just coming to look, or they are accidentally ending up here when trying to get somewhere else?

The other statistic that I found interesting is called Top Countries. This shows the country of origin of each visitor to my site last week. I wonder who is visiting this site from Greece, Norway, and South Korea (In other weeks I have had visitors from Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and the United Kingdom)?


Anyway, probably not interesting to you (whoever you are), but it was interesting to me. If anybody would like to post comments on the site about anything that Kennedy and I post, feel free to let us know you are here. We would love to hear from you.

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