We’re going on vacation!

Posted on January 21, 2006


Well, we did it. We actually booked a trip. I didn’t think we would go through with it but the other day we went ahead and bought a package vacation on Expedia.ca. So from February 5th to the 10th we will be in Sunny (hopefully) San Diego. we are so excited to go down there and get away for a few days. This will most likely be our only chance to go anywhere for a while since Kennedy won’t be able to fly after her 7th month and since it will be hard to go anywhere once the baby gets here in May.

The trip so far has cost us about $1450. That includes two roundtrip flights, 5 nights in a hotel, and 5 days of car rental. I am hoping we can get away with only spending about $550 on food and activities so that we can keep our total costs to around $2000, but that might be wishful thinking.

We have some activities planned for our time in San Diego. We plan to visit the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. We are also thinking about taking a bus down to Tijuana Mexico for a day and maybe going on a 2 hour Whale Watching Cruise. We should still have time left to check out some of the city and the surrounding area.

We are leaving in just 2 weeks and I can’t wait!

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