We’re Back!

Posted on February 13, 2006


We got back from our trip to San Diego the other day so I thought I should post a few words and a few pictures about our vacation. Here’s a brief synopsis of our trip:

Sunday: Our plane left Calgary at about 7:00 am. After a quick layover in Phoenix, we landed in San Diego at arounf noon. We picked up our rental car and were pleased to find out that we got a free upgrade to a convertible because they were out of economy cars. We put the top down and drove up to La Jolla to see the San Diego temple and check out some of the beaches up north. We were pretty tired from all of the traveling so we went to bed a little early the first night.


Monday: For our first full day is Sunny San Digo we decided to check out Sea World. It was a pretty slow day at the park so it was nice to not have to worry about crowds or lines. The killer whale show was good even though they were doing it in a smaller pool than usual due to renovations of the main pool. The dolphin show and the water rides were lots of fun too. We got wet a few times but luckily it was really nice out so we dried quickly.

Tuesday: We decided to drive down to the border and take a bus accross into Mexico. We waited at a bus stop for about half an hour before we finally got one to take us down to Tijuana. It dropped us off down town and we spent a quick 30 minutes walking up an down the main street. It was kind of scary because it seemed we were the only tourists there and all of the street vendors were trying to get us to come into their shops. We bought some Mexican Vanilla and then waited almost an hour for a bus to come pick us up to take us back. Finally a bus showed up, but then it broke down at the border and had to be pushed out of the way so that other buses could cross into the USA. Luckily, our car was parked very close to the border and we were able to just walk through customs and out the back door to the lot where our car was parked. In the afternoon we went to Balboa Park and checked out the Science Center and the Museum of Natural History.


Wednesday: We went and checked out the Wild Animal Park. It was really neat to see all of the animals in an almost natural setting. It’s not like a zoo where the are in small cages. The Wild Animal Park lets different kinds of animals roam around together in gigantic enclosures. You have to take the trolly or a safari vehicle to see most of the park. In the evening we went and checked out Ocean Beach which is a really neat beach community with a Farmer’s Market on one of the streets.


Thursday: We spent our last full day at the San Diego Zoo where we saw the Pandas and the Polar Bears as well as the Gorillas and the other monkeys. When we were done at the zoo we went and checked out Old Town where we watched a video at the Mormon Battalion and walked aroung the Historic Park area and bought some candy at the old Candy Store.


Friday: Our plane didn’t leave San Diego until 5:00 pm on our last day so we had some time to kill. We spent most of the day driving around along the coast and checking out some of the beaches we hadn’t seen yet. Once we retuned our rental car and took the shuttle back to the airport we still had about 3 hours to sit around and read. We landed in Calgary at about midnight and then drove all the way home to Lethbridge. It was nice to finally go to bed at around 3:00 am.


And that’s about it for our San Diego vacation. The weather was great and it was nice to get away and have some fun before the baby gets here in about 3 MORE MONTHS! I can’t believe how close it is getting.

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