Mission Call and Pregnancy Update

Posted on March 3, 2006


My brother Brent got his mission call on Wednesday. Our family got together at about 9:00pm to watch him open it. It was a very exciting time. Brent is going to the San Diego California Mission speaking Spanish. He leaves on May 23rd which is perfect because that is about a week after my other brother Darren gets home from his mission in Philly. At least they will get to see each other for a little while.

Kennedy and I thought it was funny that he is going to San Diego since we just went there on vacation a few weeks ago.

Also, today we start the 10 week countdown to our baby’s due date! It’s coming fast, but I kind of wish it would come faster (I’m sure Kennedy would REALLY like it to come faster). And its good that Brent will be able to see the baby before he leaves too (as long as it doesn’t come more than 10 days late). Looks like May will be a busy month for our family (a missionary coming, a missionary going, and a baby being born; all in May).

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