Our New Car

Posted on June 22, 2007


So our old van broke down a few weeks ago. That left us with just our new Caravan that we got last summer. With me working in Taber it meant Kennedy was stuck in Lethbridge without a vehicle most of the time. It also meant we were spending lots of money on gas (the Caravan is pretty good on gas for a van, but not great) and we were risking going over our mileage limit for the lease (even though we are still WAY under the limit right now). We figured it was time to get a new car.

We looked at used stuff to save money, but in the end, a brand new Kia Rio seemed like the best choice. It gets great gas mileage and the monthly payments are only $200/month. I figure it saves us over $100/month in gas. We wanted fuel efficiency and low monthly payments, and I think we got the best of both worlds.

Here is a picture of it from the Kia website:


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