Diet Update

Posted on December 17, 2007


I started a diet on October 1. My goal was to lose about 50 pounds in 5 months. I am now about 2 1/2 months into it, so I thought I should post my weight chart fo all to see. As you can tell, I did pretty well for the first two months, but I have kind of stalled since December 1st. I am down a little over 20 pounds so far, but that still leaves almost 30 pounds to go. I am thinking of taking the rest of the month off and then getting back into it in January (which means my diet will be bumped up to 6 months instead of 5)

Total Chart - Half Way

For those who are curious, I made this diet up myself. I set the following 5 rules for myself and I try to stick to them most of the time.

1. Weigh yourself EVERY DAY. It is important to do this at about the same time every day (I do it first thing in the morning). I use a chart in Microsoft Word to track my daily weigh-ins. It is important to not get too worried about the occasional upward movement, but the overall trend should be down.

2. Drink lots of water. I shoot for about 3L/day.

3. Eat breakfast every day. I have a meal replacement shake most days, but sometimes its just an apple as I rush out the door for work. I also take a multivitamin in the mornings.

4. No eating after dinner. This one is the hardest, but I think this one makes the biggest difference. I was eating too much at night before. Pretty much, after 6:30pm I can’t eat for the rest of the night.

5. Do some kind of excersize for about 20-30 minutes/day. I was doing this about 5 days a week before (we rented an exercise bike), but this is where I have been slacking the most lately. Maybe I need to try a different exercise (as long as its not running. I HATE running).

And that’s about it. It seems to be working (at least it was in October and November). Any suggestions for new rules to add?

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