25 Things About Kennedy

Posted on February 8, 2009


1) I once cooked for a group celebrities. (James Van Der Beek, Rachel Leigh Cook, Ashton Kutcher)

2) At seven years old I was a “Mutton Buster” Champion in a Cardston Rodeo.

3) I’m not ashamed to be called a “Twilighter”.

4) I love, love, love to travel. Especially with my husband.

5) I have a very crazy bladder. Anyone who knows me, knows I have to pee all the time.

6) I am super competitive.

7) I can make the funniest faces and the ugliest.

8) I hate black licorice.

9) I’ve never dated a bad kisser.

10) I love the rain (that’s mainly why I miss B.C.)

11) I spent most of my childhood in a ravine close to my home.

12) I secretly hope to be stranded on a deserted island (With at least one other person).

13) I sometimes think I have ESP; that or crazy good luck sometimes.

14) I own two houses.

15) I love pets / animals, but currently don’t own any.

16) I love to always have a plan.

17) I hate talking on the phone to strangers; it’s almost a phobia

18) I am a pack rat. I keep everything “just in case!”

19) I hate confrontation

20) I am the only blue eyed girl in my family (both two sisters and mother all have brown)

21) I always over pack. Traveling, hiking, camping; doesn’t matter I always pack too much.

22) I have a hard time keeping secrets

23) I like it best when people speak up ( loud) but I like to watch the TV with the volume on low.
Strange, I know.

24) My favourite meat is pork.

25) I always want what I can’t have.

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