25 Things About Mike

Posted on February 8, 2009


1) I hate these stupid lists things and I never do them or ask other people to do them. Obviously.

2) I think Arrested Development is the funniest show that was ever on television. I believe everyone else would feel the same way if they would just give it a chance and start from episode 1.

3) I have worked at two farms in my life; a feedlot and a dairy farm. I like spending time with cows. They get me.

4) I consider myself to be a very good driver even though I speed pretty much all the time. I follow the 20% rule (120 in 100 zones, 72 in 60 zones, 36 in 30 zones). I’ve never been in an accident yet.

5) Well actually, I have been in one car accident, but I was in the back seat so its not my fault. My cousin was driving and we T-boned a truck. The windshield shattered and the air bags came out. I ended up on the floor of the van but I didn’t have any injuries. My cousin broke his arm though.

6) I would love to start a business and I have about 10 possible business ideas. Too bad I will likely never have the money or the guts to start any of them.

7) I have an idea for a new kind of family sized peanut butter jar that screws apart in the middle when you are half way done eating the peanut butter. Then you would have a jar that is half the height of the original jar and you wouldn’t get such a messy knife handle. Maybe I should patent this idea and sell it to Kraft for a million bucks.

8) In my (clearly un-biased) opinion, I have the best wife and kids in the world. Will and Jack are two very smart, strong, and happy boys. Kennedy is a great mom and nicer to me than I deserve.

9) I can wiggle my ears. This is a talent that I do not share often enough. I apologize.

10) I have been skydiving once. It was AMAZING! Standing on the wheel of a small airplane and letting go was a very tough decision once I got up there, but the 5 seconds of free-fall and then guiding the parachute down to the target was an awesome experience. The face-plant I did when I landed was super sweet too.

11) I am a movie lover and a movie snob. I love to find small independent movies that I like and then make fun of people who watch stupid movies like Date Movie … or Sweet Home Alabama … or Daddy Day Care.

12) I tore my ACL while skiing in Utah in 1998. I chickened out just before going over a huge jump and twisted my knee too far. I probably would have been better off just going over the jump. My knee still acts up on me sometimes.

13) I am the oldest of 5 boys. I have 4 brothers and 0 sisters. I now have 2 sons and 0 daughters. My brother has 1 son and 0 daughters. So basically, my parents are 8 for 8 so far. I feel sorry for the first girl to be born into the Peterson family. Nobody will know what to do with it.

14) I love to travel, but I just don’t do it very often. I want to tour Europe and Asia. I also want to visit just about every tropical island. Name the place, and I probably want to go there. Except Manitoba.

15) I hate squash. It is disgusting. It makes me puke every time I eat it. The warmth, the texture, the taste. Horrible. Some people say its all in my head. Of course it is! That’s where my brain confirms for me that squash is the worst food ever invented.

16) I like to read and I try to always have a book on the go. My tastes vary, but I tend to lean towards action/suspense/mystery/legal type thrillers. Or management books.

17) On my mission in Japan I spent 4 months on a tiny island called Ishigaki (far south of the rest of Japan, close to Taiwan). We could ride our bikes around the entire island in less than a day if we wanted. While there I experienced a typhoon and an earthquake.

18) I was a lifeguard for a summer in high school. It was a pretty sweet job because I didn’t really have to do anything other than hang out by the pool. Good think nobody drowned.

19) I am kind of a spelling Nazi in my head. I hate it when people use the wrong version of “there”, “their”, and “they’re”. Even worse is when people use the wrong version of “your” and “you’re”. How can you not know which of those two options to use!?!? They are completely different!!

20) I saw Howie Mandell on a beach in Hawaii once. This was before Deal or No Deal when Howie wasn’t such a big deal.

21) I have a physical condition that makes it impossible for me to touch my toes without bending my legs. It is called my stomach.

22) When I was a kid I would catch snakes in the coulees for fun. One time I brought one home to keep as a pet, but my mom made me take it back the next day. I got bit a few times but luckily it was always the non-poisonous ones that bit me.

23) I am almost always hot. I mean that in the temperature sense … mostly. I prefer the outdoor or indoor temperature to be a little cooler than most other people like. Especially when I am sleeping. I really like my pillow and sheets to be cold.

24) I really don’t like hockey. I know that makes me un-Canadian, but that’s just the way it is. I find hockey to be incredibly boring to watch, but I love watching golf on TV. Is that so weird?

25) I wish I had tons of money, but I think I would be happy with just 5 million or so. That’s all I need. I don’t need anything crazy. I don’t need hundreds of millions. Just 5 of them. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

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